Mononoke Sewing and Caterpillar Sewing with Isabelle Ting (Bookbinder, UK)

Bookbinding Masterclass with Isabelle Ting
1 and 2 Nov 2014

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Our second master in the series, we had Isabelle Ting in Nov 2014. The Florence-trained bookbinder is the owner of the Owl & Lion Bindery, the first bookbinding establishment to open in the city for decades. Isabelle offers bookbinding classes for all levels, as well as producing her own innovative ranges of hand-bound books. She has worked for clients such as the National Trust, the Museum of Scotland and Edinburgh College of Art.

Situated in the West Port area of Edinburgh, Owl and Lion Bindery is home to a working bookbindery & print studio where all of the shop items are made. Alongside the shop, Isabelle runs the biggest selection of bookbinding classes in Scotland, covering every stage from beginner to those needing more expertise.

Isabelle conducted two special masterclasses on advanced bookbinding techniques at The Thistle Bindery. These are the Mononoke Spine Sewing Masterclass and the Caterpillar Sewing Masterclass.

Photographs from the masterclasses can be found here.

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