10 Cents Entertainment

10 Cents Entertainment
Mixed-Media Installation
Exhibited at NOISE TAP Programme (30 July – 1 Sep 2013)


10 Cents Entertainment by Ian, Ben and Jun explores the trend of nostalgia. The form: cinema-on wheels, is a throwback to the era when Singapore’s first mobile entertainment lied the streets.


In today’s terms, 10 cents may sound insignificant but back then, it was considered an exorbitant price affordable to an exclusive few. Much in the same way, the ubiquitous smart phone today may have made entertainment free and easily available now but it is easy to forget that many people still cannot afford a smart phone or other luxury items.


Through the shell of a cinema-on-wheels and the various juxtaposed images presented within, this work questions the objectivity of history interpretation through our different “lenses” and speculates how each of the juxtaposed images could potentially generate an infinite number of responses questioning if the world has indeed changed.

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