Workshop Venues

The Thistle Bindery is proud to have 2 venue partners for 2015. Their long-term commitments reflect the organisations’ similar belief in making bookbinding an accessible art to everyone.

Our venue partners are:

The Arts House at the Old Parliament (

Taken from The Arts House’s website:

We develop and promote Singapore artists and works by, from and about Singapore, with an apropos focus on literary arts 

We enable the people of/who live in Singapore from all levels of society to enjoy and access art and make art accessible to all 

We serve as a platform for those in search of an appropriate and suitable space to practice their art

Onemaker Group (


Taken from OMG’s website:


Strategically located at the heart of Singapore – the Prototyping Lab @ NDC offers designers, entrepreneurs, makers and students an exciting range of resources for innovation.

We are a cross-disciplinary facility with a wide range of tools and equipment – including digital fabrication machines, conventional hand tools, power tools and even an electronics laboratory.

Apart from making specialised equipment affordable and accessible to the community – we conduct classes and workshops to equip them with knowledge and skills needed for prototyping.

Our Previous Venues were:

Tyrwhitt General Store (


This second storey shop on Tyrwhitt Road had established itself as a must go location for the hip and trendy. Yet underlying TGC’s specially curated goods is a steadfast belief in showcasing and promoting local craft, design and writings.

Apart from products, TGC regularly organises workshops such as leathercraft and screenprinting. CityNomads describes TGC in a most apt way:

Above everyone’s favourite hipster cafe Chye Seng Huat Hardware, is this homage to artisanal goods with every item curated for its basic principles of good design and craftsmanship. As well as stocking a well-curated selection of quality crafted brands, TGC is essentially a platform for young emerging crafters and makers to present their wares via pop-ups and installations. We were delighted to see the Kang designs being sold there as we have been fans since we were wowed by his resourceful and unusual designs at MAAD. TGC also organises workshops like leather crafting and terrarium planting so not only can you understand the products you love and appreciate their design, you can create them yourself and feel like a true artisan.

GOHD Books (

Taken from an interview GOHD’s owner Deyana did with TimeOut Singapore (

Goh opened ‘shop’ last March – first operating out of Serangoon Road – but has since relocated to a quiet residential area in Pasir Panjang; customers visit the shop-in-her-living-room by appointment. 

‘It grew out of my own collection,’ she says. ‘I don’t advertise…but [the shop] has spread through word of mouth and friends of friends. I’m not trying very hard to get walk-ins.’ Interestingly enough – particularly during the internet age – Goh doesn’t usually source via Amazon, hand-picks every title in the shop, and provides a rare-book-ordering service with a flat shipping fee for discerning readers. 

The Library


TheLibrary was Singapore’s first reference library dedicated to Art, Architecture, Design and Photography, curated by renowned industry professionals. It ceased operation in Dec 2013.

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