Charity Beneficiaries

The Thistle Bindery is proud to fund raise for charities special to the bindery through its [A Bookbinding Cause] series of bookbinding workshops.

Current Charity Beneficiary


Child at Street 11 is a childcare centre for children from low-income families. Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis.

There is a need for such service. In a 1994/1995 survey of several rental blocks in Ang Mo Kio, Child at Street 11 volunteers found about 100 families with children aged two to six. Most of these children stayed at home with their mothers because their families could not afford the fees to place them in child care centres. Mothers could not go to work because they could not afford baby-sitters. Child at Street 11 found that many mothers would prefer to go to work, as a dual income would help the family break out of poverty trap in the long term. A subsidised child care centre for the children means the mothers can go out to look for a job to support the family.

Past Charity Beneficiary

Ian lived in Jurong East, Singapore all his life. He believes in helping the local community and supporting grounds-up initiatives. He find that the objectives of Loving Heart aligns with his beliefs. It is a charity based in Jurong East and it helps local residents from the young to the old in the constituency.


The objectives of Loving Heart are close to Ian’s heart:

Loving Heart Multi-Service Centre is situated at Block 316 Jurong East Street 32 #01-279 and undertakes social projects within Jurong Central Constituency, collaborating with relevant social agencies and organisations to better serve the community and promote bonding amongst the residents in the neighbourhood.Our focus is on the needs of each and every member of the community we serve, regardless of language, race, creed or religion. As such, we are continually evaluating the ever-evolving needs of the community and constantly looking for ways to improve our services and implement new programmes to meet those needs.

The information above is taken from Loving Heart Centre’s website ( Please do visit their facebook page as well. (

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