A Bookbinding Cause

The Thistle Bindery started [A Bookbinding Cause] in Sep 2013 as part of its twin objectives in bookbinding practice:

Firstly, to make bookbinding art accessible to everyone by having affordable, high quality bookbinding workshops with readily available tools and materials. Secondly, to use the workshops and classes as a way of fund raising for my local charity, Loving Heart Multi-Service Centre.

The bindery believes in inculcating a sharing and contributing mindset among book art lovers, hence through the [A Bookbinding Cause] workshops, participants get to learn the art of bookbinding and contribute to a worthy charitable cause at the same time.

Please click on the photos below to look at what went on during our last few classes.

1009844_390319491093962_2052967122_n   1378744_402082849917626_1002782236_n

1451542_427221440737100_2105406838_n   1476294_434474723345105_1179118872_n

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